Supporting your community in a post-COVID lockdown era


The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis with serious consequences at the local level - especially for neighbourhood entrepreneurs who are struggling to survive. 

As the lockdown eases and more businesses open their doors, it’s essential for us to support small enterprises in our suburbs. Volunteering your time or your skills is one of the best ways to make a difference in your community and there are many organisations where you can get involved in so many different ways. 

Institutions and organisations such as operation hunger and Ladles of Love are already distributing food and kits to families in outlying impoverished communities and have drop-off points across Cape Town and the West Coast, in areas of the Atlantic Seaboard, Northern Suburbs and in neighbourhoods such as Rondebosch, Claremont, Pinelands etc in the Southern Suburbs.

Here are some other ways you can make a difference and keep your local economy afloat during these challenging times. 

Stay home - but order local 

Many restaurants have adapted to the lockdown regulations by offering free delivery and daily lunch and dinner specials at affordable prices. 

  • If you’re tired of cooking but don’t want to take the risk of eating out, you can always opt to order from one of the restaurants in your area. 
  • After several months of lockdown, you’ll love the familiar taste of your favourite gourmet burger, vegan platter or curry - and you’ll be helping a business you’ve supported for years to keep its doors open. 

Prepay for services you’ll receive later

Businesses like hair salons, nail bars and beauty salons are slowly beginning to reopen under the new level of advanced regulations. There is no doubting that they have been facing very real struggles over the past few months. 

  • While you might prefer to wait until the peak of the pandemic is on the decline, you may want to consider prepaying for your next haircut or spa treatment. 
  • Many businesses are still offering “book now, use later” specials that could save you a significant amount on beauty and travel packages. If you have some spare cash available this could be a great way to save money and support a local entrepreneur. 

Remember to shop local

Supporting your local economy could be as simple as shopping from the fruit and veg shop down the road or popping into your local corner shop instead of driving to a mall in another area. A healthy economy means a stronger, more cohesive community that can overcome the challenges of COVID-19 together. It also means a better return on your property investment in the long term!

Cape Realty supports every effort to rebuild Cape Town’s economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. To speak to one of our agents or view our portfolio of Cape Town homes, 
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