Regulations for Moving During Lockdown


As the nationwide lockdown eases from Level 4 to Level 3, a long list of previously banned activities are becoming possible again.

For residential property buyers and tenants who had been unable to move, the good news couldn’t come soon enough. 

Packed and ready? Make sure you know the regulations 

Some tenants and new owners had been advised to swear an affidavit at their local police station, essentially giving themselves permission to relocate - this is not recommended as it may be a violation of the lockdown laws. 

If you plan to move during Level 3 lockdown, you’ll need to understand and follow the procedures as set out in the Regulations. 

  • Inter-provincial travel is still prohibited unless you are moving into a new place of residence.
  • You will need to be in possession of an affidavit, referred to as Form 6 in the regulations which must be signed by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Oaths
  • Tenants should carry a copy of both their old and new leases. These documents need to state that the new lease was entered into on or before the 20th of April 2020.
  • Home buyers need to have their transfer documents with them to prove ownership of the home they are moving into.

Going it alone - agents can’t accompany you to the property 

It’s important to note that in terms of the lockdown regulations estate agents don’t fall under the essential services category.

That means you’ll need to receive the keys to your new home by delivery service or collect them from a designated location - your agent can’t meet you at the property.

As the lockdown eases over the coming weeks and months there’s always the chance that levels 4 and 5 may return if coronavirus cases spike in your area. You’ll need to check the latest regulations before you move and plan your actions accordingly.

If you have any questions about moving during the lockdown, we will do our best to answer them. Contact the 
Cape Realty team today.