Good property news - Deeds office indeed open


Like many businesses and government facilities, the Deeds Office was closed for an extended period due to the coronavirus outbreak. As of the 14th of May, this is no longer the case. 

The easing of lockdown restrictions has allowed Deeds Office branches across the country to reopen - under certain conditions. 

Running on a skeleton staff

While the Deeds Office may have reopened its doors after six weeks of frozen property transfers and enquiries, it’s not business as usual just yet. 

  • Your local office will run on a skeleton staff while arrangements are made for the facility’s hygiene and social distancing protocols to be implemented. 
  • The offices will not be open to the public. Only conveyancers may visit the facility on official business.
  • Senior management will work remotely, with support staff and ICT workers going in to work as needed.

While these working arrangements may not be ideal, it’s still good news for anyone who is buying or selling a Cape Town home. The Deeds Office performs a vital service in every property sale - and the current backlog can now be eliminated slowly.

Expect delays in the coming months 

With a smaller staff than usual and months of property transfers to process, the Deeds Office has its hands full - and patience is the order of the day.

If you’ve recently completed a residential property transaction you can expect the transfer to take longer than usual. That means you may have to negotiate with the seller or conveyancing attorney to amend the occupation and transfer clauses in the sales agreement to create flexibility for both parties. 

We’ll be here throughout the lockdown 

The past two months have been a trying time for all South Africans - but as South Africa moves to Level 3 and we begin to rebuild the economy, the property sector, both commercial and residential can all now return to work. Strict health protocols and social distancing measures will be followed to continue the work done to date by the Nation to assist in preventing the spread of infection.

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