Area Focus - Life in Observatory


When it comes to trendy Cape Town suburbs, Observatory is hard to beat.

With creative, freedom-loving residents, exciting dining and nightlife offerings, and great property prices to boot, “Obs” (as the locals call it) is a must-see for home buyers.

If you’re new to Cape Town or haven’t ventured far into the creative world that is Observatory, here’s a quick guide to one of the Mother City’s most unique areas.

Diverse, daring and proudly different

At first glance, Observatory looks like any of Cape Town’s southern suburbs, with quaint historic homes, modern apartment buildings, and a huge variety of cafes, restaurants and clubs.

Not only is everyday life in Obs comfortable and inviting, but those who know the area will tell you that it’s home to some of the most interesting people in the Mother City - and possibly the world.

Observatory is a popular address for students, artists, writers, philosophers, scholars, entrepreneurs and regular Capetonians who embrace holistic living and sustainable communities.

The area is famous for its Holistic Lifestyle Fair which takes place on the first Sunday of each month.

While Obs locals have a reputation for being laid-back and creative, they take this monthly event very seriously - and have even been known to attend it in heavy rainstorms and on chilly mornings in the middle of winter.

This community spirit, which is found in all parts of Observatory, is an instant attraction for many home buyers.

A haven for night owls

The sheer number and variety of nightlife venues in Observatory draw visitors from all parts of Cape Town to the area every night of the week.

From an evening at the famous Hello Sailor bar to karma-free dining at Cafe Ganesh and the quirky Victorian atmosphere at A Touch of Madness, there’s almost no limit to the entertainment that Obs has to offer.

A central location at great prices

The unique atmosphere in Observatory is enough to convince many home buyers to settle there - but that’s not the only great reason to move to Obs.

The area’s central location - right between the CBD and UCT’s main campus - makes it ideal for students and professionals alike.

Compared to other centrally located areas, homes in Observatory can still be found at excellent prices - some just over the R1 million mark. Considering that the average price 15 years ago was under R600 000, Obs is likely to be a great Cape realty investment prospect in years to come.

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