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Doing your seasonal home maintenance checks
29 FEB 2020

Your home is one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll ever make - and keeping it in ...

Sectional title schemes for beginners
29 FEB 2020

Understanding the ins and outs of Sectional Title schemes can be really difficult for prospective se...

Sectional Title Scheme Management
28 JAN 2020

Who does what in a sectional title scheme?...

Repo cut a positive move in a stagnant economy
28 JAN 2020

The Reserve Bank’s latest rate cut is providing much-needed stimulus for the local property sector. ...

Downsizing to upgrade in your golden years and second-career
28 JAN 2020

Downsizing your home after age 50 can have several great benefits, including improved amenities, sec...

Home prices steady, bond approvals on the rise in resurgent Cape Town
24 NOV 2019

With home prices looking competitive and bond approvals on the rise, there’s definitely new life in ...
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