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How young buyers can buy their first home in 2021
9 FEB 2021

A residential property can be an excellent investment for life. Here’s how you can access the financ...

Upgrade homes a hotspot in Cape’s Northern Suburbs
9 FEB 2021

There’s plenty of residential property value in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs - if you know where to ...

Surviving as a landlord in 2021
9 FEB 2021

2021 could be a great recovery year for the rental market - but landlords will need to have a strate...

How to attract the right rental tenant and keep them
31 DEC 2020

Attracting a tenant who is a good match for your rental property is essential for every landlord. He...

A home loan approval and your credit score go hand in hand
31 DEC 2020

The current market is ideal for first-time buyers, but bond approval may hinge on your credit score....

What are the tax implications of gifting a home or deposit to your kids?
31 DEC 2020

Gifting a relative the funds they need for a home deposit can be a life changing gesture - but there...
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